Kein Mensch ist Illegal - No One is Illegal
(Defining Digital Identity)
(Privacy & Human Rights)
(Cyberspace Electronic Security Act)
(electronic border, firewall)
(US Army Firewalls and Border Patrol)
(Firewalls, how to use it)
(Real borders, Jammu and Kashmir)
(Tibet and Indian)
(Former inner German border)
(Asylum procedere at the Frankfurt Airport)
(Living in Germany as resident alien)
(Gruene Grenze,green border between Austria and Slovenia)
( Austria and Hungary )
(smuggle of human at the German-Tsechien border, between Bavarian and Boehmen / Maehren)
(Germany and Tschechia used by former Yugoslawi)
(Germany and Denmark)
(Latvia as new European border)
(How the civil war begins)
(Data for 38parallel)
(Action without borders)
(The Borders of American Culture: Expression and Identity in the US)
(Business without Borders)
(electronic identification)
(Borders: A Multidimensional Approach)

US foreign policy agenda: Cyberthreat: Protecting US Information Networks
(cyberspace as a place)
(Border as a physical, virtual, gender and political entity)

URL links compiled by INFORMATION workshop students-
Kerstin Zimmermann, Jeong Soon Kim, Birgit Pretzsch, Michelle van Looy