(Big Brother is Listening)
(Black Forrest,Schwarzwald)
(Studio Eins Live in Cologne)
(Caroline's Guinea Pig Hutch)
(Hot to Bathe your Guinea Pig)
(The Glazner Family Homepage)
(Grandma B's Homepage)
(Lena Wollweber)
( satelite imagery of my appartment in Toronto)
(links to Thousands of webcams on the entire globe)
(web cam in every room in her house)
(Top one hundred voted Webcam sites)
(A detailed cronicle of the life of a ten year old boy)
(family page with very personnal historical information/images and text)
(The first of the famous webcam sites)

URL links compiled by INFORMATION workshop students-
Kerstin Zimmermann, Jeong Soon Kim, Birgit Pretzsch, Michelle van Looy