Andrea Rosalina Hofer, Hannover, August 4, 2000
"All that seems suspicious about my person can not be scanned.
It's not my color. It's not my clothing. It's my mind.
And these suitcases there can only be opened and searched by myself."

EXPO 2000 press release, June 10, 1999
Sensormatic Electronics Corporation in charge of security at the EXPO 2000
"EXPO 2000 will be safe, that much is certain. We are pleased to have found
a competent partner for this important job, says Dr. Thomas Borcholte,
marketing director of EXPO 2000 Hannover GmbH. "

Simson L. Garfinkel on Electronic Border Control, Hotwired, July 14, 1997
"As a matter of national security, we simply don't allow people from certain
countries to hop on a plane with an uninspected suitcase, leave the airport
without going through customs, and walk into a bank. But today, there is
nothing to stop a computer hacker in Iran from sitting at a terminal and
traveling to that same bank over the Internet."

Leo Fernandez, INDIALINK, November 4, 1997
"The information market is a pattern of reprocessing, repackaging and
reselling that we're familiar with from colonial times: the colonies
provide the raw materials which are made into 'finished' products in
the West and then sold back to the colonies."